Friday, August 29, 2014

Abraham is 9 months!!

Abraham is now 9 months and some. I'm having trouble keeping up with these posts. I have no idea why :) 

Abraham is now crawling like crazy! They have moved him up to the crawling room from the infant room at church. He is so active and now climbs on the dishwasher and jumps out of the bathtub.

Abraham loves table food and is slowly stopping taking his bottles 😔 Big boy!!! He's kind of picky though and I'm starting to think he is going to be an "Adelyn" eater, but I know he's little so I still have hope! 

Abraham is so confused on naps right now. He spent 3 weeks in between his 8th and 9th months with a doozy of an ear infection. It about killed us all!

If his ears don't hurt though he is a dream of a baby! He is taking two naps. One shorter one and one longer one. We never know how they are going to go! 

Abraham loves me and Adam, more me than Adam.:) He will only let a handful of people take him from me: Marmie, Caroline, Adam, and sometimes my dad.

Abraham is such a joy for our family!!! Such a joy! We all love him so much! The girlies cannot keep their hands off him and sometimes me and Adam fight over him.:) 

I'm so thankful for the precious gift of this sweet baby boy! We love you Abraham!!!

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