Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Abraham's 8 months old!

Sweet little Abe spent his 8 month birthday in paradise. He loved the beach and was the absolute best picture taker! 

From 7-8 months lots started happening with Abraham. He started trying really hard to crawl! I was mean and tried to stop him until after we got home from our beach trip. It worked for the most part! 

Abe really eats just table food. Lots of fruits and veggies. He loves broccoli , strawberries and avocado. He also really enjoys his oatmeal! 

Abe takes two naps, one at 9 and one at 1ish. He loves dinner time with everyone at the table and really enjoys all the attention from his sisters (although sometimes it's a bit much.) 

Abraham is getting lots of hair and I can tell it's going to be curly! His hair has grown in so much faster than his sisters! And it keeps getting lighter and lighter! 

Abe is still the sweetest little squishy baby. I can't wait to find out how much he weighs at his 9 month check up! He's a chunk and I love it but he's very heavy!! 

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