Sunday, June 22, 2014

Abe's 7 Month's Old!

This sweet little boy is 7 months old! It has been a crazy month. Abe has become quite busy! He is not quite crawling yet but almost. He constantly wants something in his hands and in his mouth. He has become a bit attached to his mama but loves his daddy so much too! He has started rehang for people and it's so precious.

Abe has really been eating a lot of foods. His favorite is oatmeal but will eat apples, and pears, peas, spinach and he really enjoys carrots. Abe adores his sisters and loves for them to play with them and watch them play. This week they have been gone to my moms house and he has not even known what to do!

Abe is still sleeping in his tiny bassinet and I am hesitating to move him because he loves it so much. Abraham takes 2 naps, a long one in the morn and a shorter one in the afternoon. Abe is in 9-12 month clothes. He is so big, just a "juicy" little boy.

I feel like I am really in for it in the next few months with how busy this little guy is right now....

On another note, :) I am so thankful for this sweet little baby boy. He is such a blessing.

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