Friday, May 30, 2014

Abraham's Half Year Birthday!

19 days ago Abraham or "buddy" as we call him turned 6 months! This past month and some he has really changed. Abe is extremely active without really being able to move much (he can scoot a little but that's all.) I guess I mean he always wants something in his hand and mouth and is constantly moving while awake.
I can tell the super busy days are right around the corner. He has been such a fun snuggly infant though and I have loved every second of it! Abe had his 6 month appointment last Friday, exactly a week ago and he weighed 19 pounds and 6 ounces and was 26.5 inches long which is the 78th% for weight and 38th for height.
Abe is sitting up great! He is jabbering and smiles constantly. He grabs and can put puffs and everything else in his mouth. Abe still adores his sisters and lights up when they are around. Abe has started reaching for people and it's precious and makes us feel so loved! 

Abe is a sunshine to our family. I'm so thankful God allowed us to have another baby. I cannot imagine life without this cuddly, smily, snuggly, precious little boy! 

I ran into someone yesterday who said... I love all the stages that the kids have gone through and I thought about it and really want that heart. I don't want to be too sad about them growing up that it steals the joy of "right now." So... Here I go practicing...I am grateful that Abe has been such a wonderful infant and I'm excited to see what this new stage of "business" brings! 

I love you sweet Abraham. You have been just a God send of the epitamy of happiness in life! You will never know how much of a blessing your sweet smiles and cuddles have brought me! Love you so....

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