Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Week!

The girls had their valentine parties this week at school and I was able to go and loved every second of it! The had such a wonderful and exciting time at their parties with their friends! They always love it when I come to their class and it makes my heart happy! 
We made valentines for their class and friends. We had such a good time making the heart crayons together. Of all the things to do with my girls, crafts are my absolute favorite activity to do with them!
Adam and I were able to go on a date on valentine's night which was so sweet and special for us! It was our first date without children since Abe was born and Adam wrote out a list of the top ten reasons he loves me and it made my words of affirmation heart happy. 
We got to go on a family date to the children's museum on Saturday and we had a blast!!! I love me some family time!
And last night we went out to celebrate my brother's bday! (He didn't want his picture taken haha!) 

What a fun week! So thankful to God for blessing me with such a fun family and good memories!!

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Leslie said...

Sweet post of those kiddos on Valentine's Day!