Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Abraham's 3 Month's Old

 Happy 3 Months to this precious little happy baby! He us such a joy!

Dear Abraham,
I want you to know that I write these things down to remember how much fun we had together when you were little. I want you to be able to look back on what you were like growing up and I want you to always remember how much your mommy loved you!

Abe, you love to smile! You love to be held, especially by your mama! You adore your sisters and like it when pretty much anyone talks to you. month you have started giggling and trying to "talk with me. You have become so much more animated and love to "exercise" aka kick your feet. You have sat in the hoppy a few times and have loved it
You are still sleeping so well at night, about 12 hours from 8-8. We think it's probably because you never get to take great naps during the day bc of your sisters! Abe, you are on your second cold right now; we are hoping since you will be immune to lots since you are being exposed to so much!
 You love your baths, and splash water all out of your tub when you take them! You have so much fun in there! On the flip side, you despise the car seat!  You scream almost the whole time your in it; I'm convinced it's because no one is holding you.
You currently sleep in our closet where I can go in and check on you if I want to. :) Abe, you have a pretty significant cow lick on the left side that I think is adorable. You are getting so big and chunky and I love it!! You weighed more than 14 lbs at your 2 month visit!
 I thank God every day for giving me such a sweet sweet baby boy. You are so precious to me!

I love you,

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