Monday, December 30, 2013

Adelyn's 4th Birthday Party at Menchies

  She was absolutely so excited to get to have her party at the yogurt shop and I was so happy, having a new baby and all for it not to be at my house and for her to have a fun place in the winter to have her party!
She really wanted a Princess Sophia birthday party and so she dressed up as Sophia for the party.
 Abe was so sweet the whole time!

 Everyone so much enjoyed their ice cream or frozen yogurt!

 They played with the chalkboard, colored, played games on the game table and played pin the mix on the yogurt cup.
 And Adelyn won a prize..a little Menchie doll!

 We sang "happy Birthday" to Adelyn
 and got a visit from Menchie himself!

 Adelyn had a great time and it is a super fun memory I know we will always cherish!
 She was so glad her friends could come and celebrate with her!

Menchies was such a fun and affordable party! I would definitely recommend it!

I cannot believe my baby girl is 4! What a super fun time and age! I am loving every minute of her growing up (ok, not the minutes she is throwing fits ;) , but you know what I mean.) I am enjoying making memories with this sweet and fun little girl!!

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