Monday, December 23, 2013

Abraham's 1 Month!

My sweet baby boy is one month old! He technically was on 12-12-13 but blogging has been few and far between so I'm just now posting about it. Abraham is the sweetest little baby; he hardly ever cries and is sweet natured so far. I am so thankful for a calm baby this go around. We hear from people he looks like me sometimes but mostly people say he looks like Adam. His big sisters adore the mess out of him. They smother him constantly.

He is currently going to bed at 8, waking up twice to eat and waking up for the day at 8. He has had a few long stretches but not too many. He is still sleeping a lot during the day and the best when I am holding him. :) He loves to fall asleep staring at me. He has also tried to start smiling a bit.

I had been paranoid (to say the least, because of lots of sickness going on in our family) that he is going to get sick. I just continue to pray circles of protection around him and God has been faithful to bless him with health thus far.

I feel as if even though I am extremely sleep deprived, I am enjoying this baby and that feels good. I am so thankful that God blessed us with another child. I couldn't imagine him being any more precious.

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