Saturday, October 12, 2013

Adam's 30th Birthday & Party

On September the 26th Adam turned thirty! He woke up to breakfast, cards from us, a huge balloon, and coffee. He thought it all was extremely obnoxious because he is not a morning person but I love birthdays so I wanted it to be special and also he didn't know I was planning to throw him a surprise party that night.
 I didn't think he would have any idea about the party because Annabelle's birthday is the day after his and she was turning 5 and so he knew I was planning a big birthday party for her so I didn't think he would think I would have time to do anything really special for him. (He thought we were going on a date that night and then having a little party on Saturday for the HOGS game.)
 I thought so many times that he might have known something was up but he really had no idea. He was totally surprised!

 We all had a blast and had his favorite food, commissary BBQ and store bought cake. :)

 Marmie let me borrow all of the pictures for his banner. :) I loved how it turned out.

 We were so blessed that so many friends and family could come.

What a fun night. I cannot believe Adam is now thirty and I'm getting close. Although we have had hardships, God has also richly blessed our lives together and I am thankful.

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