Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dress Yourself, Good Books, Show & Tell, Nursery, Grossology and everything else....

{Dress Yourself Day}

 I missed Thankful Tuesday on the blog but we did it at home. Annabelle said she was thankful for GePaw and Adelyn said she was thankful for Gigi. I love it that they know about Thankful Tuesday and anticipate it these days. We have been crazy busy over here trying to unpack and planning birthday parties. Adam turns 30 next week and Annabelle 5. I am so excited for all we have planned!!
 {John Piper}

 {Christine Caine}

{Mary DeMuth}

 I have been reading some really great books lately too (in very short segments. :) ) One of them is called "Everything" by Mary DeMuth and another hilariously funny one is called "Wife School" by Julie Gordon. I wish I had time to blog about these, maybe one day. They are great!!

 {Show & Tell, Adelyn's blanket for circle week 
& Annabelle's Family Picture for Family Portrait Week}

 {GePaw gave the girls money for a Target treat, 
which is their favorite if they didn't get any warnings at school.}

The girls have been liking school for the most part. We have been having a little bit of trouble but we are praying and seeking the Lord and trusting Him with it all involving school. I'm just so thankful that we have them in preschool and where we have them this year. It is such a great thing for all of us!
 {Abraham's Nursery so far}

I am now going to the doctor every two weeks and so that's interesting. I cannot believe I am this far along and about to have a baby sometimes... I have gotten to that stage where people say really crazy things look like your about to pop or much longer do you have su

Last night we went as a family to the Children's Museum's GROSSOLOGY. Annabelle has been so excited about it because she loves science stuff so much and she really enjoyed the whole thing so much! Adam has been really super busy with his new work and practices for Sunday and so it was wonderful for us all to get to spend time together!

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