Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Where Dreams Come True" Part 5

 Thursday we headed to Epcot and saw a few shows,

we saw the Nick Jr show, the Little Mermaid Show and a few others, ate lunch and then headed back for naps..
 because we really wanted to see the fireworks that night.

We saw the fireworks at Epcot first and they were so amazing. They were the best fireworks I had even seen. Of course, they scared Annabelle to death because they were so loud.
 But right after the Epcot fireworks we zoomed over to the Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks from the front of the castle and it was so breath taking.
 We were so glad we made it to both fire works shows that night!
After,  the fireworks we took advantage of the fact that there were not that many people on the rides and Adam took the girls on the roller coaster that they love and I couldn't ride. There was no wait so it was perfect. I couldn't believe how much they loved the roller coaster. Adam said they would even put their hands up and that Annabelle was the quite roller coaster rider and Adelyn was the screamer. ha :)
 On Friday we headed back to Magic Kingdom for our last day there. We rode the Little Mermaid ride again because that was their favorite then we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Adam took the girlies on the tea cups again.
 The girls also insisted on meeting Tiana so they could meet all of the princesses (but Annabelle insisted today that we didn't meet all of them because we didn't see Pocahontas. That girl is hilarious.)
 They thought Tiana was beautiful and the fact that she greeted us with a "Hello Ya'll" was priceless.
 On Friday night our friends Tony and Dawn and their precious boy Archer came to visit us and we all went to the boardwalk and then went to the Casting Crowns concert. The concert was amazing. I had forgotten how deep and touching their songs were and I just loved getting to see them with our friends.

That night we got a chance to meet them and they were all so genuinely kind and personable. We couldn't believe they were still signing autographs at midnight and after and then they were headed on a bus all night to Ohio. What great God loving people.

Well, that about wraps it up for Disney. What an incredibly memorable and fun trip. I will never forget all of the memories we made this trip. The girls were at such a fun age to go and meet all the princesses and ride the rides. Again, we couldn't be more thankful for our Gigi and GePaw who made it all possible!

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Nothing like making beautiful family memories :)