Friday, August 16, 2013

Dance Camp {Days 2-4}

{Day 2}

We did Dance Camp back in June in a week when Adam was out of town leading worship for a camp. I am late posting the rest of the week but I wanted to make sure to get it on here for memories sake. Hey, it's better late then never!

Adelyn was starting to get sick in hind site so she got to go to some days of Dance Camp and didn't go some other days. Since she wasn't feeling well, she didn't want her picture taken. No big deal. Annabelle was eating it up! She enjoyed every bit of Dance Camp.

{Day 3}

{Day 4}

Love how much these little girlies love dancing. We were at the DMV today and they were doing ballet for everyone! I cannot wait to get them back into ballet or dance! I cannot do it right now but hopefully soon!!

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