Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday

I am linking up with 5 on Friday this week. I think this is a super cute way to document some things I want to remember from the week! So my 5 this week are.....

1) This week the girls decided to try on Gigi's wedding dress! They were too adorable and looked way too old. They felt so special I could tell and I enjoyed watching them "play brides."

2) I have been reading so of The first three are from a book called "Plan B" by Pete Wilson. It goes through how to handle your life if it has ended up in a plan that you never dreamed, a "plan b'' and then goes through several stories in the bible of people whose lives ended up in plan b and how God was working all through it. It is such an encouraging book. Like I would recommend it to anyone who has been through or is going through a "plan b" in life.

The last two pages are from a book called "Unglued" by Lysa Terkeurst. It is a phenomenal, insightful book that has challenged me to look deep inside myself and my reactions.

3) This week I took the girls to the zoo. It was perfect; the weather was wonderful and there was no one there because everyone is starting school. Annabelle rode a camel and I was so proud of how brave she was and the girls kept asking me to take their pictures in front of things; it was hilarious. I guess they are used me taking millions of pictures.

4) I am so thankful for this hope. This has been a crazy week in a lot of ways and I am thankful that God's promises are just as much true today as they always have been! So glad He is so constant even when I am all over the place!

5) The girls have been sharing a room and it's going surprisingly well. Annabelle asks often is she can talk until she gets tired. We think this is hilarious because we know she could talk forever. :) And we had a few nights where Adelyn wanted to have her own room but overall they are LOVING sharing a room and I am overjoyed!!

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