Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Where Dreams Come True...."

 This morning we headed out for Disney World with my dad and Anita. The girls really enjoyed the plane ride! Annabelle was enthrawed with all the cars and how small they were and the clouds. Adelyn and her little hyper self just ate snack and colored with me. I was so glad the flight was only an hour and a half. :)
 When we got to Disney Adelyn could not stop asking when we were going to meet the princesses. It was so her and hilarious. Everyone was so excited.

 The very first thing we did after getting settled was find the princesses. We couldnt believe that Rapunzel, Aurora, and Cinderella were all together!

 Adelyn "hammed it up" and Annabelle stiffened up and couldnt even talk. It was so funny. I was trying to upload the videos Adam took onto the blog but it's not working so I might just have to do it later.

 Meeting Cinderella was by far the highlight and it helped that the girls had on Cinderella shoes to show her.

 We were all taken back by Cinderella's beautiful castle!
 and daddy got to ride some fun rides with the girls including their first rollar coaster which they LOVED!!

 They also go to ride the flying elephants.

I had my mama send me the picture of me meeting Cinderella; I couldn't help but think of it today. It was on my fifth birthday and Annabelle is just about that fun!

I am enjoying every second of being here. It's nice to have this quiet time after the girlies go to bed just to relax. I am very thankful for my dad and Gigi taking us on this trip after everything else they have done for us! They are truly generous people and we are grateful....

This is our last trip of the summer. :) It has been such a wonderful summer, a summer I will never ever forget. I'm totally aware that the Lord had all of this in store for me and my family and I am thankful to Him for preparing this season of rest and FUN!

I better go to sleep so I can stay awake for tomorrow's fun! Goodnight!

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