Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Where Dreams Come True" Part 3 Thankful Tuesday

 We started out today with a full fledged freak out because Adelyn doesn't care for the animals. She has never liked the Easter Bunny or the Chick-fil-a Cow etc. It was funny; it really was...
We saw a show

 And then all of Annabelle's dreams really did come true because she got to see the fairies and Tinkerbell. :) Annabelle love love loves fairies and this just made her so happy.

 We rode some fun boat rides and then went to Belle's story time

 where Adam got to play a guard in the play :)
 and the girls once again got to see Belle :)

 We rode some "boy" rides for daddy which everyone really enjoyed and saw the Monster's comedy show which really was funny.
 We ran into Winnie the Pooh...


 and then got to meet Merida! Annabelle wasn't as star struck with Merida and actually gave her a page she colored and the flower in Merida's hair.
The girls went swimming with Gigi this afternoon and then we all went to dinner and to the Boardwalk.

Today was perfect.

Today is Thankful Tuesday and I am obviously thankful for this opportunity to spend with family in such a fun and magical :) place but I am also thankful for the opportunity to let it stretch me and teach the girlies. We have told the girls so far this week, that we will not complain about anything at all because we are grateful and thankful for this whole experience and when we complain we are telling God and others that what He has given us is not good enough or that we can only see the bad and don't trust Him. It has been a wonderful reminder for me. If I tell the girls not to complain about being hot or tired, I sure better not do it myself! Also, it has been a good opportunity to tell them that even when we are tired, hungry, or cranky, we still have to make a choice to act right. I am thankful for the little ways the Lord uses things I say to my kids to convict me and remind me of what He expects for me as well.

Tomorrow the princesses are coming for breakfast everyone went to bed super excited. Goodnight!

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