Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's a .....

It was such an exciting day yesterday finding out that our sweet baby was a boy!! I am incredibly thankful that this baby is healthy; he had all of his organs etc and weighed 13 oz! I loved every second of seeing him squirm around in my tummy.

The girls were incredibly disappointed that the baby was a boy. Annabelle said she was going to run away and Adelyn, I think, figured out for the first time that she wasn't going to be "the baby" anymore and was pretty pouty all day. It was pretty funny. :) Adam was obviously ecstatic to think of having a little boy! We are working on names. I have my favorite but I have to convince Adam. :)

I will have another ultrasound in four weeks to look at his heart again. He was on his tummy the entire time and the ultrasound tech didn't get a good view. She assured me that nothing looked wrong; it's just the procedure to extensively check the heart and she couldn't see it. Also, I measured earlier than my due date and my other babies came early so I am expecting this little one a little earlier than November 20th.

After the appointment, we headed to the lake house to spend time with the Fishers and we had a little reveal with cupcakes. It was too fun!!

Again, we are just so thankful for a healthy baby. We know God is the author and sustainer of life and we are grateful that He has entrusted us with this little BOY!

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Renae said...

Boy O Boy Congrats!!