Monday, June 10, 2013

Girly Girls

While we were visiting my mom last week, the girls experienced their first pedicures. They have both had their nails painted at a salon, my mom took Annabelle on her birthday and Adelyn and I went once in Marysville while Annabelle was in school but they had never had their toes "done". My mom said that every time she went to get her nails done she saw the two little chairs and always wanted to bring the girls there. Annabelle had hers "done" first and Adelyn waited so patiently for her turn and she told me over and over again how patient she was being (that's soo Adelyn. :) ). I was proud of her! Annabelle and Adelyn had the time of their lives. They both picked out a sparkly pink and purple for their nails. The whole thing was just too much fun! I love having girly girls.

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