Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beach Pics II

I made it back Sunday night from the beach! We had a fabulous time! I have some of the sweetest most generous friends! It was amazing that all of us could make it this year, truly a special memory! I took the opportunity to relax, sleep (a little bit ;) ) and have some great convos with friends who I never get to talk to besides short infrequent phone conversations while taking care of children. Quality time is definitely one of my love languages so I am thankful that God provided this opportunity.

And the funniest of all... All my friends know that my I'm totally brain dead while pregnant. I cannot remember anything and my brain just kind of turns off. Well, Brit and I met in Birmingham and rode the rest of the way to Gulf Shores together and Adam told me just to find somewhere that was 24 hours to leave my car. Well, I did but when I got back to my car 4 hours later, we saw the sign that's the last picture on this post! So thankful my car was still there!!

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