Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & An Update on the Girlies

 I had a wonderful Mom's day. I woke up to flowers and a sweet card and a little girl who wanted me to play her word game with her. How could I resist? We went to church and it was great. The service started off with "Blessed be your name" which always grabs my heart but especially did yesterday just thinking about my babies that I will get to finally be with in heaven and how much God has blessed me in my time here on earth. Just a bittersweet song and feeling.
 The sermon was great. It was all about Jesus' mom Mary and why she was a great woman of faith. The idea that really struck me during the sermon was when Sam said, "God is looking for women who will tell God that they will do whatever He asks of them and the only way a woman can make this kind of statement to God is if they know that God is always with them and with God nothing is impossible." This statement just meant so mcuh to my heart for so many reasons.
But one of the reasons it struck me so deeply was that it reminded me of the verses I have been praying for Adam and I since we moved to Memphis and really since Passion 2013 just in more specific ways since we moved home. I have been praying that God would do "immeasurably more" (Eph 3:20) in us through us, for us, and with Adam's new job whatever it is going to be. 
At the end of the service we said a prayer for women who you knew were struggling on Mom's day and it was just such a sweet time.  To me, it was important because it took time to say, yes this is a day to celebrate motherhood but there are so many women who are hurting and let's acknowledge their hurt as well. I just think that is so important for a church to do.
After church we headed to my grandparents house for lunch and honestly it was a really hard day with the girlies. You know on those days when all is supposed to be bliss they are just crazy.  So we had some "moments." After we came home, we rested and then went to visit Marmie and then Adam took me on a date! It was wonderful! I always enjoy our quality time and I appreciated it. :)
 While we were at my grandparents, I tried (ha!) to get some pics of the girls. Getting hand picked flowers from little girlies never gets old. :)
 I have been meaning to just write down a little about the girls now and how they are etc and so I decided I would do that in this post as well since I am not posting as frequently.
 Adelyn is almost 3 and a half and has turned into a little girl. She has basically lost her baby fat although she has the most adorable jiggly cheeks when she walks and runs. She still has a paci. What? I know! We have to get rid of that thing. Adelyn is a daddy's girl all the way and she loves her sweet little green and red polka dotted blanket that she stole from a youth named Ashley in Marysville almost 3 years ago. Her hair never grows much longer, only curlier and she is full of smiles and jokes. Adelyn loves to tell stories that usually make no sense and start with "when I was a little baby I..." or "last year I..." Adelyn is left handed and always wants everyone to be happy. If you are sad, she asks you over and over again if you are happy now? Not too many things make Adelyn unhappy, I would consider her easy going but does not and I repeat not like to be bossed by her sister. Adelyn loves people and is always ready for a party. Adelyn pretty much knows all her letters; she knows her colors and shapes and she can write out the letter "A." Adelyn still adores sweets above all else but has started to eat some fruits and veggies. Adelyn is still obsessed with Cinderella and wears a Cinderella dress every single day. She is my little sunshine.
 Annabelle is 4 and a half and is so stinking smart and strong willed. She is working on reading and love love loves to learn. She is a deep thinker and asks a bazillion questions and if she doesn't know a word you say, she asks. The other day we left someone's house and the person gave us a paper plate of food when we left and Annabelle turned around and said "We will return the plate." ha! Annabelle is typically very prim and proper and likes things a certain way. She loves to play dress up with her sister and enjoys crafts like her mama. Annabelle is in this phase where she sits down and asks me to spell out words for her so she can write letters for people or stories. Annabelle enjoys people and likes anticipating parties but always needs her alone time as well. I would consider her an introvert. Annabelle is very thoughtful and likes to make people happy. She eats so well when offered good food. She eats lots of fruits and veggies and of course mac and cheese. Annabelle prefers me over Adam and loves to make her sister laugh. Annabelle is my sweet little buddy.

What a blessing it is to be a mom. When I imagined having children, I never ever imagined it would be so hard and that the so hard would be so worth it. I can get overwhelmed with the responsibility that God has given me to be their example and to show them Jesus but my heart's cry is just to abide in Him and allow Him to give me what I need day by day, moment by moment.  I love these little girls so very much and I am so thankful to God for entrusting them to me and for what joy they bring to my life!

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Angie said...

I pretty much love this post! Glad you had a great Mother's Day. Your two girls sound like precious souls and you my friend sound like a wonderful mother.