Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

 {cousin love}

It's Thankful Tuesday. I missed thankful Tuesday last week; seriously just completely missed my crazy brain. Today, I am thankful to God for giving us time to spend with people we love just hanging out or celebrating special events. It is so healing and encouraging to be around these wonderful people.

 {Morgan's Wedding}

 {Kimberly's Wedding Shower}
{Fun at the park with Kaylee and Peyton}

{Painting with Marmie}
{It was  a chocolate doughnut kind of day.}
 I am thankful to God for my sweet dad who came to me and gave me 100$ and said, "Go have fun with this!" What a blessing to have parents who are so generous! So, we went for a visit to the zoo and we had a blast as a family! I am always always thankful to God for providing family time and a family that I enjoy spending it with!

 {the Memphis Zoo}

 We LOVED the Columbus zoo but one thing they never had was giraffes. The girls were just giddy about getting to see the giraffes today. It was a memorable experience!

And I am thankful to God that He never ever fails me and He never leaves me wanting. He is all satisfying, the only one or things that really ever truly satisfies me. I am thankful that ever single time I seek Him, He is there wanting to show Himself to me. He truly never leaves me or forsakes me. I am thankful to Him and for Him and His Spirit.
 {Psalm 78}

 {Jesus Today by Sarah Young}

 {Beth Moore}
 {Beth Moore}

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