Sunday, December 23, 2012


 We have been so blessed by many visitors lately! Gigi and GePaw came to visit us this weekend!
We had such a great time with them! They just treated and treated us to good things! It was so fun for the girls and so relaxing for me!

 This morning was a little rough. The girls were really sleepy and cranky. I wanted to get a picture of them in their Christmas dresses but this is what we ended up with....which is sooo real life! :)
 Adelyn's class had a birthday party for Jesus. It was so neat! The girls have the best teachers who are just so excited about teaching. It's such a blessing!!

 Annabelle was supposed to sing in church today but decided she wasn't going to. I didn't make her. It's so just part of who she is.
 I wanted to include some of the "goods" the Lord has been showing me lately. I am so thankful that His word is alive and active and never gets old ever! What a precious gift we have!! I am in Luke and so if it doesn't reference a book of the bible, it's probably Luke. :)

 {You are in control of nothing is such bad grammar right? I am NOT a grammar expert for sure!!!}

 I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This Christmas season has flown by! Merry Christmas!

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