Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adelyn's Big Day!


How did my baby get so big? Well, tomorrow is Adelyn's birthday, hence the reminiscing. I am very excited about all we have planned tomorrow! I still can't believe she will be three!


Tomorrow is your special day and I am so very excited. I cannot believe that you were born three years ago in Ohio in the freezing cold and snow.

God has used your little life to teach me many things. First and foremost He has taught me that I am not in control. From the timing of me being pregnant, to you being so sick, to my postpartum, God has shown me that He has our lives in His hands and that He allows things in my life knowing He will always work things out for my good and ultimately His glory.  Secondly, He has used your birth to help teach me to relax just a bit which really goes back to things not being in my control. God is constantly humbling me in my attempts and to learn to parent and discipline you and He shows me constantly how much I need Him. I am thankful for these lessons that come through me being your mom.

Adelyn, you are such a gift. I had no idea a little girl could be so funny and fun and carefree. Your little life brings me so so much Joy and I am thankful to God for giving you to me!

I pray every single day that you will come to know Him at a young age and grow to love and serve Him all of your life. I have also begun praying for your spouse (we hope it's Oliver, but we will let you make your own decision.)

Tomorrow we are having your Cinderella Party. I am so so excited to get to celebrate with you the day you were born. I told myself I would never have a princess party and you completely changed my mind! It is going to be a blast!

I love you so much sweet girl!

Your Mama,


Annie said...

Happy birthday to Adelyn! You wrote a beautiful letter to her. I love the pictures, especially of her dressed up as Cinderella! Adelyn is one beautiful, precious little lady!

Amy Morledge said...

Your girls are just precious! I just read your post on your little one in your belly and I am so sorry Ashley that things don't look good. I cannot imagine or fathom how difficult that is for you and Adam. I'll pray for you guys. -Amy (Patterson) Morledge