Sunday, October 7, 2012

My words are inadequate...

I cannot get the scripture we discussed at our college bible study today out of my head. It reads:

Psalm 39:4-5
4 Lord, make me to know my end and [to appreciate] the measure of my days—what it is; let me know and realize how frail I am [how transient is my stay here].
5 Behold, You have made my days as [short as] breadths, and my lifetime is as nothing in Your sight. Truly every man at his best is merely a breath!

My words are so inadequate but my heart is broken over sweet Julee's loss. (Story here.) I cannot even fathom what she must be going through right now and will continue to go through over the next days, months, and years. Please keep her and all the family including Matt's mom and brother and everyone who knew and loved this man in your prayers. May we be people who truly "carry each other's burdens." Gal 6:2

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