Friday, October 12, 2012

Ballet and Other Things

The girls have ballet every Tuesday and it is just one of my favorite times of the week! They just love every second of it. We always get their clothes on just a little bit early so they can "practice." I want them just to stay this age forever they are so cute! Although, Adelyn did hit the 3s this week if you know what I mean. The attitude came out of nowhere and I was shocked my little two year old baby who sometimes threw tantrums on the floor now was telling me in sentences to "leave her alone" etc. You know, you've been there I'm sure. Another stage, another growing experience for us all. :) :)

This week has been so strange for many reasons, most I cannot share here but this week has been so full of joy and excitement and confusion. But, God has been so faithful. One of my favorite things I came across this week was this:

 {Ann VosKamp}

And here are some others from this week:


 {John 3}

 {Lisa Terkeurst}


What is your favorite part of the week? What has God been teaching/showing you this week?

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Annie said...

The girls look adorable in their ballet clothes! I love that they love it!

Those words from Ann Voskamp are powerful. And I needed those words you highlighted & underlined in the notes for James 3:8, desperately. Thank you so much for sharing!