Friday, July 6, 2012

Our 4th Activities

 On the morning of the 4th, we went to our Marysville Parade. We always attend this parade because our church has a float promoting our VBS in it. This year the float was incredible. (Pics below.)
waiting for the parade to start..
 I was so glad to have some friends to sit with!

 Adam rode in the truck with Annabelle.
 She totally didn't look like she was happy when she came by and I was a little worried but Adam said she had a great time, she was just hot. I was so thankful Adam took her!

 James threw our crew a little extra candy.
 love those curls
 she found some chocolate :)

 The night of the 4th we went to Ostrander to this little festival thing and to see fireworks. They were so great! The girls absolutely LOVED them and a storm was coming at the same time as the fireworks so it was lightening with the fireworks which made them look so awesome. I am trying to get the video Adam had of them might be later though.

So thankful for holidays. Just a time to spend with family, resting....

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