Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mom's Day 2012

 We spent mom's day in Memphis. Let me just say I was so thankful to have Adam with me on a Sunday morning. It was a wonderful thing to have his help and company. We had a full and fun day. We tried to snap a picture before we left for church. :)
Church was so so good. We went to Kirby Woods where Adam and I got married and the pastor spoke on where God is in hard times and trusting Him through times in "the wilderness." It was perfect and so resonated with our souls because we had just been interviewed by Channel 5 a couple of days before about our whole crazy situation.

 After church, we went to the Fisher's house and all of the boys cooked us lunch. It was great not to have to fix a meal that whole day! I tried to get a few pictures of A and A outside. Adelyn has not had a bottle since she was 9 months old but wanted one and so we just gave her one that day. Whatever works when we are traveling we always say!

 We spent some quality time with family and the guys even kept the kids for a bit and let the girls go out to Starbucks!
 Bear made this painting with all the kiddos hands on it for mom's day for Marmie. It was so sweet. This was the last Mom's Day we will be together for a while because Bear and Jobeth went back to Asia.

 After lunch, naps, and Starbucks, we went to see my grandparents. The girls even had jelly belly's there which was a tradition when I was a little girl. :) It was so fun for me to watch the girls experience these memories as well!

I had such a great Mom's Day filled with time with my family. I cannot say it enough...I am so so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

I am also so thankful to be a mom. These past three and some years have been some of the very best times of my life because of my little girlies. They teach me so much about how selfish I am and what all I need to depend on God to change in me. I love how innocent and genuine little ones are. I am so blessed to have them!!

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Angie said...

What a beautiful post. I always say I didn't know what life really was about till I had little ones. It makes all the difference in the world. I'm glad you had such a great mom's day. That handprint canvas is beautiful :)