Friday, June 1, 2012

Gigi & GePaw's House and Philippians 1:21

On "vacation" to Memphis, we stayed with my dad and step mom aka GePaw and Gigi. We had so much fun there. GePaw tucked Annabelle in every night and Gigi tucked in Adelyn. Before bed every night, they made a tradition of watching a show on the big screen.
 They all loved it!!

 Gigi and I went on a shopping trip one day to celebrate what a great job my dad has been doing at work lately. We had Kim come with us and it was so so fun! Adam and Dad celebrated with new golf clubs for Adam; I wish I would have gotten a picture of Adam with his new clubs. He was beyond excited!!

The last night we were in town Dad and Anita took us to Ruth's Chris. It was so so delish! I had lobster and Adam had steak. We had a babysitter so we could all talk and my brother came too which was so so fun!

I have one more or two I'm not sure posts left from our "vaca." Hopefully, I can finish them up soon. We are so thankful for so many grandparents who love us and the girls so much. We realize not every one has this and that we are super blessed!

Also, in bible study this week, we are studying Philippians 1. Today I studied verse 21 and I loved Barnes' commentary and wanted to share:

For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:21

4 Purposes in "Living Is Christ"
(1) a purpose to know as much of Christ as it was possible to know - to become as fully acquainted as he could with his rank, his character, his plans, with the relations which he sustained to the Father, and with the claims and influences of his religion; see Philippians 3:10; Ephesians 3:19; compare John 17:3.
(2) a purpose to imitate Christ - to make him the model of his life. It was a design that his Spirit should reign in his heart, that the same temper should actuate him, and that the same great end should be constantly had in view.
(3) a purpose to make his religion known, as far as possible, among mankind. To this, Paul seriously gave his life, and devoted his great talents. His aim was to see on bow many minds he could impress the sentiments of the Christian religion; to see to how many of the human family he could make Christ known, to whom he was unknown before. Never was there a man who gave himself with more ardor to any enterprise, than Paul did to this; and never was one more successful, in any undertaking, than he was in this.
(4) it was a purpose to enjoy Christ. He drew his comforts from him. His happiness he found in communion with him. It was not in the works of art; not in the pursuits of elegant literature; not in the frivolous and fashionable world; but it was in communion with the Savior, and in endeavoring to please him.

I love this. And the "dying is gain" is amazing too but I didn't want to post too much today. :)

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