Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Tonight we went out with our friends Tara and Wade. They are moving July 1st to Cedarville to start raising support for going back to South Africa. Tara has become one of my good friends that I always knew was leaving Marysville but we couldn't help becoming good friends anyway!
 We went to a little cafe' in downtown Marysville and to an ice cream shop. It was so fun. We all enjoyed ourselves so much. There is just a certain understanding between people in the ministry and we have that with the McComas. :)
 I am so thankful for the chance to get to know people our age who have given their lives to mission work. What a calling. I am thankful the Lord gave us the opportunity to know them because I feel like we will be able to pray for each other as we continue in ministry.
 Along with Tara and I becoming good friends, the girls fell in love with Finn. He is such an adorable, laid back little boy who is so fun!
It is so neat to see the friends God brings into our lives. Just the right people at just the right time. Just like God... :)

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