Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dance Camp!

 The night before Dance Camp started I got a phone call stating Adelyn's class had been cancelled. I was sad for Adelyn because she was so excited to go but I knew Annabelle would have fun and I could still distract Adelyn enough not to let her know she was missing out on anything. Annabelle of course wore her cute little ballerina necklace.
 Annabelle insisted on picking out her out fits all week and I knew it was not a week for me to argue so I didn't for the most part. It was just not a battle worth fighting for me. She wore "her favorite shirt" the first day. She told me she had fun but the teacher came out and told me Annabelle was a little shy.
 The second day of dance camp Annabelle was so ready to go. She was doing her dances and let me take these pictures of her "practicing." I was excited for her.

 And she looked so stinkin cute in her outfit. I failed to mention that the parents are not allowed in the room while the girls are dancing so I have no idea what is going on in there. So, the girls come out of the room and the teacher tells me that Annabelle was a little less shy today but that she didn't dance much but liked the trampoline. I thought that was great and we went home.


 Annabelle had developed a little bit of a cold so I was a little leery of if I should have her continue or not but she seemed like she really wanted to so I let her. She loved dressing up like a fairy and having her wings. I was just glad she was having fun.

 While Annabelle was in class I went strolling with this little one. She is so precious to me.

 Annabelle has a little "performance" of what she has learned at camp and so I let her put a little shimmer on her face and she was more than excited!

 Adelyn, Daddy, and I waited for the performance to start.

 From here, it gets funny and interesting. During the performance, Annabelle literally stood there the whole time. She did not move. The teacher warned us right before we came in that she was not participating much but that she had practiced one of the songs with the group.
 We didn't know if she was: a) just didn't feel well from her cold b) just stubborn c)got stage fright but whatever the reason it was hilarious. We kept videoing but we also kept laughing because we were just videoing her standing there doing nothing. :)


 The teacher ended up asking Adelyn if she wanted to join in and of course Adelyn did and had a blast!

 Adelyn did so great! Afterwards the teacher asked us if we wanted her to refund our money because Annabelle didn't do anything at the performance. She welcomed Adelyn to come to the August class; she thought she would have a great time. :)
 Adam brought Annabelle a flower for her "performance." She kept hugging him and we could both tell she felt really really special. She's talked about how much fun she had at dance camp since then so I'm glad she had fun no matter what that looked like for her! :)

It's so fun having girls. :)

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