Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Annabelle's Last Day of Preschool

 May 10th was Annabelle's last day of preschool. We were all sad about the year ending, although I don't think Annabelle really understood because she has asked several times since then when she is going back to school. :)

This picture is Annabelle the first day & the last day of school.
 This was Adam and I with Annabelle on her first day of school. Preschool has been so good for our family this year for so many reasons. Annabelle and I are so much alike and that little break was so great for us. Annabelle learned sooo much and really became social and learned how to follow directions from others. Also, it gave Adelyn and I some special time together. I have no idea how God will lead me school wise but this year this was such a great decision for us!

Although, I don't think she looks that different in the top picture, the stats they gave me on the last day showed how much she has changed.

She grew 3 inches and gained 8 pounds. She knows all her letters and so many others milestones. She met all of her academic milestones and almost all of the motor skills tested. She was 2 when she started and turned three throughout the year and now is closer to 4 than 3! Time has flown by!!

 Her teachers made this awesome book of all of the things they did in school. I love love love it! I teared up when I got it.

Annabelle's last day of school I wanted to do something special with Adelyn and so we decided to paint. This is one of Adelyn's favorite activities. I have so much enjoyed Adelyn and my time together this year!!!

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Angie said...

I have been trying to get my son into preschool. He's 2 and is struggling with his communication. I think it would be so good for him. Unfortunately there is only 1 preschool in our ENTIRE town. Crazy huh?

Glad Annabelle had such a wonderful year. She's such a doll and sounds like she is super smart. Hope she has a great summer :)