Friday, March 23, 2012

Adelyn's First Haircut

 I LOVE this sweet baby dolls hair but it was time for a little trim. Oh course we came prepared for the worst with the giant sucker.

 She just looked so adorable and just like such a little baby to me. Her cheeks are just the cutest to me. :)

 I love the end result. Sarah didn't take off much hair but it looks much more calm and it is way easier for me to comb through which is better for everyone. :)
Adelyn, sweet baby, I love it how you carry your blanket and paci everywhere you go and how you can find sugar from a mile away. You would look adorable no matter what your hair looked like but I love your "new haircut." Sharing these special moments with you fill me with so much joy! I love you baby doll. 
 love, your mommy


Angie said...

Awww..too precious!
She has the prettiest hair :)

Audrey said...

this is so funny to me bc Jovie takes her blanket & paci EVERYWHERE!!! if she has one, she wants the others. I love how Jovie & Adelyn are alike in so many ways!!