Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adam's Trip,Our Fun while He was Gone, Sunday, and John Piper

 This past weekend Adam was in a wedding in Memphis. He absolutely hates dressing up and suits and this is the picture he sent me when I asked for a picture. ha!
 We had a pretty good time while we was gone. We just tried our best to stay busy.

 Adam left Thursday morning and came back Saturday morning so it would have just been silly for us to be in the car for 20 plus hours to be there for 1 full day.

On Sunday the girls looked so adorable and I tried to snap some pictures. Ab didn't want her picture taken of course, she's in a stage with that. I need to charge up my good camera again.

I have been so sick since Monday, worse today and yesterday. Hoping I get better so soon!

I know I am always so random but on a totally different note, I found this today at the "Desiring God" website and this particular article was written by John Piper. It really spoke to me and I just know it can speak to someone else out there:

Happy Hump Day!!

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Cooking Up Faith said...

I have heard a lot about John Piper lately. It is so comforting to know that God can take ANYTHING and use it for good.