Friday, January 20, 2012

'No one expects you to be superhuman'...

I finished "Choosing Gratitude" today and this passage just particularly spoke to me so I wanted to post it. I'm so excited to give this book away. It is a must read!
 A and A looked so cute snuggling this am on the couch. Ab was reading a book and Ad was of course eating. By looking at Adelyn, you would never know she eats literally the whole time she's awake! ha! She has the Fisher metabolism! Lucky girl!

And I had to snap some pics of this cutie with her sissy's clothes on and with her daddy. Annabelle was hiding from the camera so maybe I'll get her next time!

I'll draw a name randomly for the giveaway tomorrow morning before I take Annabelle to see "Beauty and the Beast!"

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