Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Part One

Thanksgiving this year was divided into many different parts. We saw as many family members as we could possibly see in a 6 day period and although it was fun and more than chaotic, when I sit back and think about it, I realize how incredibly blessed we are to have so much family who loves us dearly.

 We are not those people who don't get along with family or don't enjoy being around family. We LOVE every second we get to spend with our family. It is such special time to us.

 The first place we went on Thanksgiving day was to my grandparents house. My grandparents are such precious people. They love the Lord so much.
 This year, not everybody was able to be at Thanksgiving lunch but many were and it was fun. (The table below was filled!:) )

 The girls had such a great time with their second cousins running around and playing outside. We haven't been able to play outside in Ohio at all lately and so they just had a last running around outside and enjoying the sun and all the leaves.

 We stayed over there for a huge part of the day and then decided to go ahead and get the girls in the car because we knew they would go to sleep and drive over to the Fishers.

I totally forgot about Thankful Tuesday yesterday. All day I thought it was Monday. Of course, I am thankful for this time with family.
 Also, I cannot help but be thankful for how the Lord is going to heal in the coming days. I know He will because it is consistent with what He does for people all throughout the bible who give their hearts fully over to Him.
 As I was studying the word "heal" this morning this particular verse stuck out to me: "Nevertheless, the time will come when I will heal Jerusalem's wounds and give it prosperity and true peace." Jeremiah 33: 6. This verse was a glimpse into the future of what God was promising to do for Jerusalem when they decide to turn their hearts to Him and although it is not specifically written to me, I feel like it definitely applies.
 My God is so faithful to me. He knows my heart wants to follow Him with all I am.
Websters definition for "heal" is to make sound or whole, to heal a wound, to restore to health, to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome, to mend the troubles of, to patch up a breach between friends, to restore to original purity or integrity as in being healed of sin and being returned to a sound state.

This morning, as I am thankful for so many things including the healing God has performed on my heart in the past, my heart goes out to those that need to be healed. Healed from their sin and/or from the hurt that someone else's sin has caused them. I know that my God is faithful and that healing will happen for those who love Him in His time......

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random Thoughts on Blogging, Being Authentic & New Clothes

Well, it's been a while. Honestly, I wrote out this extremely long post on our way home for Thanksgiving and BlogPress deleted it, so I just took it that I was not supposed to write that particular post and moved on with life and enjoyed time with family and the crazy chaos.

Honestly, I've been debating as I often do whether to even keep my blog open to the public. The longer I have the blog the more I realize that the reason I want it is for memories sake. It is not as if I can write every feeling I have on here, it's just too public and if it were private I still wouldn't write all of my thoughts out on a blog. I guess I have just heard so many people say lately how social media things make them feel jealous or left out. I don't have that particular struggle (not that I couldn't or am above it in any way or will never have that struggle) but I feel for those who do.

When I ran into family members this weekend that said, "Oh your girls looks so cute on facebook, they are always dressed so cute." I immediately told them that the reason they think that is because I get to decided when I want to take pictures and 99% of the time it is when everyone is dressed and something fun is going on. I assure you, this is not our life for most of the time. Those are just the memories I want to capture and stay with me. I think everyone is much the same way, even if you don't particularly want to document or you don't enjoy taking pictures like I do.

I guess my point is that as Christians one of our goals aside from trying to become like Christ (which is our primary goal) is to be authentic and transparent. Should we be transparent, as in spilling our guts to everyone? No way, that would mean that everyone would know way too much about every detail in our lives and that could even be a stumbling block to some. You know what I mean right? I guess more than transparent, I desire to be authentic. This was a term my sister in law said so many times in our conversations this past week and it is sticking with me. I want to be authentic. I looked up authentic in webster and the definition said: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character. 

This morning was pretty much a disaster. It was one of those mornings in which I disciplined for the same thing about 20 times. We were in a rush to get Ab to school. Everyone was tired and has somewhat of a cold and I cannot figure out in my mind if I am being too hard on Ab because I know she is tired or if I should just keep on keeping on expecting things from her. I got angry and yelled (which disgusts me about myself), Annabelle cried and cried and when she left I just felt guilty and yucky. I knew I had messed up and I hated myself for it. When all of the sudden, I get the stark realization that this is all the more why I need my Savior. These days, sin just whirls me right back around, from guilt to realizing that I cannot live a single second of the day without leaning on my Savior's strength. He doesn't want excuses. He wants me to rely on Him, to stop focusing on what I didn't do and just strive to love Him and depend on Him all the more. 

This blog was never ever meant for me to portray a "perfect life." I doubt anyone has thought that, but just in case, I wanted to get that out there. I am a human and I struggle with so so so many things. I love to post on here what God is teaching me, in hopes that someone can relate and it can be an encouragement to someone. That's all. I know blogging and all social media can seem so narcissistic at times, but it doesn't have to be. My goal in it all is not to "over spiritualize" life but if we are all honest with ourselves and God, we would have to say that everything in life is spiritual and everything in some way involves Him, I mean does it not say that "He goes before all things and through Him all things coexist." Col 1 something. The goal of this blog is to document the things God has given me to enjoy in this life and always always point to Him. 

The part I want to remember about this morning:

Annabelle looked like a doll. Anita, my sweet step-mom, took me and Annabelle shopping and got us some new clothes and Annabelle had on all of her new clothes today. So, instead of remembering the bad of this morning, here is my precious little girl looking cute almost ready for school. 

If you made it through all of these random thoughts I hope you have a great day!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Visit from Bear, Jobeth, Evangeline & Eli!

 This week our sweet family, Adam's brother Barrett and his wife JoBeth and their kids Eli and Evangeline came to visit us. The girls had such a blast! They loved playing dress up and being girly, of course! They are only three weeks apart and so they just have so much fun! We let them sleep together in Annabelle's room and they stayed up until midnight talking....this is the first of many times I'm sure!
 This little guy was so stinking sweet. I didn't get that many pictures because we were busy with 4 under 3 years of age.
 But, God has blessed me so much allowing me to be surrounded by so many people that love and care about me lately. What a blessing true friends and family are!

Being around Bear and Jobeth is always so fun! We love to just hang out, have fun, and talk! JoBeth and I connect on so many levels and her love for the Lord is so inspiring. Being around them really makes me see how selfish I am living in America. When they talk about living in a third world country it's mind blowing and even more mind blowing thinking about some of the problems we think we have here in America. We cannot wait to see them more while they are in the States!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Visit with the Abernathy Family!

I had the amazing privelage to visit my sweet friend Crystal and her family in Denver Colorado. 

 It was such a wonderful and much needed time for me. I was supposed to take Adelyn with me but at the last minute decided not to and it worked out well. Don't get me wrong, I missed my babies to pieces but a break is good every now and again for everyone. :)

 This little boy, Mack was such a sweetie!! And Crystal is such a great mommy.

 We have so many memories and she just has a special place in my heart.

 We can be silly and serious all in the same minute. So fun!

 She married a good one too! They are just such a precious family and

I'm so blessed to have them in my life! What a wonderful memory! I am thankful!!