Thursday, June 30, 2011

The End of Dance Camp

Today was our last day of dance camp. It really ends tomorrow but today was our last day because Annabelle gets her tubes put in at 9:00 am tomorrow. The girls had SUCH a great time today at dance camp (in case the pictures don't tell the story.) I was soooo proud of them, especially Annabelle for how brave she was!! Tonight when I was putting her to bed, she told me that she wants to be a ballerina and wear pink and do peroets. (sp?) It was the cutest!!!! I think she would be a great dancer but then again I know she would be great at anything she does! Adelyn had a good time too and really smiled and laughed a lot. I'm so glad we decided to do dance camp again this year!!

Tomorrow Annabelle gets her tubes. It has been a crazy crazy crazy week but I pray that these tubes will make at least our ear problems and possibly Annabelle's immune system better!! Tonight I explained to her that she was getting her ears fixed and going to see the doctor. She understood just fine...the hard part will be not giving her any food or drink until after 9 tomorrow. Pray she does well with all of it, will you? I know God is in control. I am also praying diligently that Annabelle's staff goes away for good. Long story but the issue needs prayer badly.

The end for tonight.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

 Can you tell I'm obsessed with Instagram editing. I love it! Anyway, today is 
1 Chronicles 16:8
Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known 
His deeds among the people!!
 Annabelle's staff infection ended up being the MRSA kind of staff which means that it is harder to treat with antibiotics. We went back to the doctor today because her sore is completely headed up and the scab even fell off but it is hard as a rock underneath the healed spot and so the doctor wants her to wait and finish her antibiotic and then see if the "rock" has gotten bigger or smaller. If it's bigger then we will go to the ER again and they will cut it open and drain it. If it's smaller, no worries. She is not contagious at all anymore (and has not been for a few days now) because her open wound is healed (unless they cut it open again and then she would be contagious.) I AM THANKFUL that Adelyn has not gotten the staff infection!!! PTL!!!!
So much more to say.......but for now......
I am thankful.....

"Consider, count, evaluate it wholly joy, a sheer gift, (BE THANKFUL!) when you are attacked or enclosed completely into a trial or you meet a trial unexpectantly, or when you fall into a test to find your true nature or allegience. Knowing, being assured, and understanding that a test to find your true nature and alliegence brings out endurance, patience, and steadfastness or the ability to stay or abide!" 
James 1:2-3

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dance Camp: Day 1

Today was our first day of dance camp.
I have been so excited about it because Annabelle still sings the songs she learned in it last time.
It is a mommy and me class and so I am in there the whole time with them dancing.
The girls were pretty timid in the beginning and Annabelle even threw an all out tantrum but by the end she was loving it and saying she wanted to come back.
Baby however, never really warmed up to anybody or anything except when the teacher held her.
My gut reaction says that they would do soooo much better if I wasn't in there with them.
Almost the same concept as when I work in Annabelle's class on Sundays. She clings to me the entire time and whines a lot but when I am not in her class they say she doesn't do that.
Anyway, all and all it went good and I know they will "warm up" in the next few days; I know the class is so good for them especially since they don't have a lot of social activities. (:
I need to do an update post on everything that has been going on in our lives. I'll try to do that tomorrow! Until then, happy ultimate frisbee day!!! yah!! I'm always excited about Mondays these days; I just love playing!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adelyn's a Year and a Half Old!!!!!

 My sweet Adelyn is a year and a half old! I seriously cannot believe it in a way! I cannot believe my baby is getting so big!
 Adelyn, you are such a fun and spunky little girl! You look so much like your daddy in this picture and really always! We still call you "baby" instead of Adelyn most of the time and we decided that we like it! :)
There are so many wonderful and fun things about you at this age. You are ALWAYS on the go! You are into everything and can run faster than any kid your age! This definitely keeps me on my toes!!
You  are so smiley and have not been sick at all since you have gotten your tubes. You feel a million times better now and we are so incredibly thankful!
You still prefer sweets over any other type of food and I'm sure it doesn't help that you cannot have milk and so you drink sooo much OJ every day. :) It has extra calcium to help your little bones grow!
 You still reflux a lot when you have dairy so we let you have only small amounts of it. It is hard to do and we pray that one day you will grow out of the intolerance to dairy.
You are soooo independent and I cannot decide if it is because you are a little sister or if it is just your personality; I guess only time will tell. But, also, right now, you have a soft place for your mama and I just love it. You prefer me over anyone else and it makes me feel so special and loved.
 Adelyn, you still adore dogs and have even started barking and making panting sounds. :) You call dogs, "pa's" and it has carried over to every other animal too.
I love to play dress up with you because you are so darn cute but you prefer to be in play clothes where you don't cut up your knees when you fall or climb. If you had your way you would be in your diaper all day long!
 You spend most of your day running away from me and running and playing and fighting with your sister.
 You very much enjoy to play outside. You wear 12-18 month clothes. You are short and stubby for your age and I think you are the cutest little chuck I have ever seen!
 Adelyn, you hug and kiss all the time and you can be super duper cuddly when you are very sleepy!
 You speech has been a little delayed because you had so many ear problems but your speech is taking off now. You try to say anything we ask you to say but most recently you try to say, "sister," "cold," "hello," "pa." I have been trying to teach you eyes, nose, ears, and mouth but you are still trying to figure it out.
Adelyn, you are my sweet little baby. I am so thankful to God for your life and how He has taught me so much through you already. You are so much fun to be around and bring a liveliness to our home! I tell people all the time that I cannot wait to see what all you say when you really begin to talk because it is going to be so fun and funny. You are such an entertainer and just the life of the party! You are exactly like your daddy in almost every way (except you are prettier! :) ) Adelyn, I pray I can be the mommy you need me to be and I pray you grow to accept Christ at a young age and grow to love Him more than you love yourself.
Love you sweet Adleyn!