Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Part Two

 The night of Thanksgiving we went over to the Fishers house. The girls are always totally spent at the end of Thanksgiving day so we didn't stay too long because we knew we were going to Little Rock the day after Thanksgiving to see all of Adam's side of the family and Marmie's side of the family.

 We got to Little Rock to watch the big LSU/AR game with the family. Adam had such a great time watching a HOGS game with all of his family! My mom ended up traveling with my aunt and my grandma from Fayetteville so they could see us in Little Rock.

It was so sweet of them to drive 3 hours to see us!  And I so much enjoyed getting to see my mom even if it was only for a few hours!
 We hung out in the fellowship hall for a long while and watched the HOGS get beat :( and then headed to Christi and Lawson's where we were staying to change and go grab a bite to eat and go to the dance.

 The dance was a lot of fun. The girls had a blast!! I am always so glad when they have a good time!

 After that we were all pooped and went back to Lawson and Christi's a crashed!

 The next morning the girls and our kids went on the annual Granny Walk. This year it was not very long which was a great thing since my girls don't like to stroll while the guys played in the annual Granny Cup Golf Tournament.

We stayed in Little Rock for 3 days. It is all kind of blur right now but it was super fun! The sister in laws even got to Starbucks and hang out for a while one night!!

What a great time with friends and family! The last time we had the chance to go to Little Rock after Thanksgiving was three years ago and we have no idea when we are going to get to go again just because it is such a long drive and we have to take a Sunday off etc so we cherish that time with family!

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