Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet Baby Girls

 My sweet girl wanted a braid today in her hair before school. She has yet to request a hair "do" so I thought it was so sweet.
 After school, we headed to the mall to hang out and play.
 And tonight we tried to make muffins for our neighbors and it was hilarious. Adam was supposed to be home but he went out for visitation and so me and the girls made the muffins. Annabelle was saying that we were making them for Alice, the bear she got for her birthday.
 So, the point of them knowing we were doing them for others has not come across yet...haha but maybe it will when we deliver them. I hope so at least. :)

 I gave them each their own bowl to have fun with and they loved it..
 and then they wanted to eat their fruit snacks on the ground and so I said that was ok.
After  muffins, we painted in the bath tub, an idea I saw on Pintrest. The girls loved it and painted themselves and each other. It was so cute!! We will def be doing that again soon!!

And here is Adelyn enjoying one of the muffins we made. :) They really didn't turn out great which usually happens when I have little hands helping so I think I'm going to have to start over again tomorrow but Oh well it was fun in the process. :)

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