Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Loving the Little Years" & Sharing a Room

"Little girls can be scared to death when their emotions run off with them," us big girls understand. "They need the security of parents pulling them back." "Something I love about fruit bearing trees and branches- that God told them to make something, and they do it enthusiastically. They don't care about what happens to the fruit. They do not measure their efforts or fuss when no one appreciate it." This is how we are to be in life but especially in relation to our parenthood.
 The story behind these pictures of the girls in their beds is that we were trying to make them sleep together because Adelyn is having trouble sleeping and going to sleep without someone with her these days. I think it may be her molars but then again, who knows? So, it has been fun/funny to think about all of the things we have far with no success at all. The story of parenthood right....just keep trying until something works!
 A while ago I got an amazing book from my cousin-in law Rachel Fisher. The book is entitled "Loving The Little Years" by Rachel Jancovic. I have posted many of her articles on this blog in the past. I was so encouraged by this book and want to pass it on but need to record some of the valuable things I learned from  it so I decided to post them today to take my mind off the waiting.
 Psalm 128, "Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house and your children will be like olive shoots around your table." "The funny thing is that in this verse, the fruitful vine is not bearing children, she is bearing fruit. The children were all off her vine long ago and are responsible for their own fruit bearing. She is just a heavy laden vine. My mom has always taught me that fruitfulness is not equal to bearing children. The mere fact that you bear children does not mean that you are a fruitful person. That would be like the apple trees calling it off after their first year of bearing fruit. But true fruitfulness requires constant, year round attention."
 "But God loves a cheerful worker. I am still frequently in over my head. Actually, most of the time! But deciding not to wallow in that fact has removed one of the biggest obstacles to my work- my calculation of how hard the job is!"
 "Christian child-bearing is a pastoral pursuit, not an organizational chart." "Be a pastor to your children. Study them. Seek them out. Sacrifice the hing you were doing to work through their emotional issues." "Prioritize your children far above the other work you need to get done. They are the only part of the work that really matters in the end."
"Fat souls are better than clean floors." "Motherhood uses your body the way God designed it to be used. Scars, stretch marks, and muffin tops are all kingdom work." :) Love that one.
 "My children's attitudes are tethered to mine. If I pray for ideas to help them, how to make a new hard phase fun, and how to appreciate their need, then the change on my part usually clears up a lot of things. I am not saying eliminate the need for discipline, but it makes it much more gloriously clear cut and sweet. My attitude is no longer a player, and it is no longer a "big situation", change is just normal life.
I'll definitely post when we figure something out about the sleeping arrangements but until then, I am just trying to enjoy every minute. It is becoming more apparent to me that they are only this small for a time.......

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