Monday, October 10, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch with the Picketts

 We had the wonderful opportunity to visit my friend Brittney and her sweet baby Presley over the weekend!

 We had such a great time of course! WE decided to take the girls to a pumpkin patch. Brit facebooked that it was fun and crazy with a 3, a 2, and a 1 year old. Annabelle got her face painted for the first time and I just love this picture of her!

 The girls got to go to a petting zoo where Annabelle was scared and was "finisihed looking" as she puts it before she even got into the place and Adelyn was so giddy! ha!

 We all got to go on a hay ride and the weather was just perfect. It was 80ish degrees and I was loving every second of it although it was a little strange to be doing such "fally" things while it was still so hot but if you know me, you know I'll take hot and sun any day over anything else!

 Brit I'm sure was not quite as comfortable as me being pregnant and all but she was a great sport!

 After we got a snack (I had a really great bbq sandwich!) we went to pick out our pumpkins!

 The girls were so cute picking out their pumpkins! I loved watching them do it together!

What a doll is Miss Presely huh? I'm so thankful for any time I get to spend with my friend Brit. We joked that now we have all of this responsibility we don't even get to hardly talk but it is so fun watching our kids have so much fun with each other! I cannot wait to see what her little boy is like! I bet he is going to be one handsome little baby! :)

Every time I leave Brit or she leave me I wonder when we are going to see each other again! Hopefully sooner than later! I love her and sweet Pres so much! I cannot wait to see our kids grow up together and hopefully be buddies!!

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Leslie said...

My girls have those outfits....they are some of my favorites! Girls are so much FUN! Yours are adorable.