Monday, September 5, 2011

"His Yoke is Easy and His Burden Light" Matthew 11:30

I read this story in the book "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanna Weaver. (The same author who wrote, "Calm My Anxious Heart" and "Having a Mary Spirit.) Anyway, I am going to adapt the story in a more condensed version because it was so precious and meaningful to me and I wanted to record it. I have no doubt it will be to you too if you read it.

This is the story of a man who met God in a valley one day.
The man asked God, "God what would you have for me to do today? Do you have any tasks for me?
God said, "As a matter of fact, I do. I need you to carry these three stones in this wagon up to the top of the hill and leave them there for me."
"That sounds great! I can do that!." The man said, so excited to serve God.
So the man takes off. He gets a little ways down the road and he runs into his best friend.
His friend says, "What are you doing today?"
The man says, 'God gave me this task of carrying these three stones up the hill today."
His best friend looked at him surprised and said, "I was just praying that someone would come by and take these pebbles up the hill for me. I think you are the answer to my prayer. Take these pebbles with your stones. There is plenty of room."
The man says, "Ok, yah, that sounds good." as he thinks "It's good to help a brother out while serving God."and he heads on his way.
The wagon although a little heavier was still totally doable.
He goes a little ways and then runs into another friend.
This friend says, "Hey man, I don't have time or energy to take my load up this hill, can you please take it for me?"
The man feels bad for his friend who looks worn out and obviously needs help and says, "Sure."
The friend dumps his sack into the wagon and the wagon become noticeably heaver. 
The man is glad to help another friend and thinks God would for sure be so proud of his willingness to help his friend....but the man feels the enormous weight of the wagon.
He finally makes it to the foot of the hill and thinks, "Here it is. I'm almost there. I can make it up this hill for God."
With every step the wagon becomes heavier and heavier and the man becomes resentful. "God, why would you ask me to do this task? Is it not obvious to you that I cannot carry all of these things? I am about to let this wagon go. I cannot do it anymore!"
Right then, God appears beside him and braces the wagon with a stone.
The man breaks down and cries and says, "God, you gave me a load too big for me to bear. I just can't do it."
God says, "What is this?" and pulls out the pebbles. "And this??" and pulls out the sack.
The man explains that his friends needed help. He couldn't say "no" and who was going to help them if he didn't?
God silently takes the pebbles and large sack out of the wagon and so all that is left is the three stones God asked the man to carry in the first place.
God said, "If you will be content to let others carry thier own burdens. I will help you with your task."
"But I promised I would help. I cannot leave these things here" the man says.
"Let others shoulder their own belongings" God said. "You are so weighed down by all of these cares that you cannot complete the task I set out for you this morning."
"You mean all I have to carry are these three stones?" the man said.
"That is what I asked you to do" God said. "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."
"I can do that'' the man said.
A new breathe of fresh air filled the man's lungs. With great joy He reached the top of the hill. It had been a wonderful day. He had done what the Lord had asked.

-Story by Rosmarie Kowalski

You are worried and upset about many things but only one thing is needed. Luke 10:41-42

Nothing is harder to bear than a burden we are not called to carry. -Joanna Weaver

In fact, like Martha, we may actually be surprised by how little God requires of us. -Joanna Weaver

Now this is what the Lord Almighty says, "Give careful thought to your ways." Haggai 1:5

So often we give God what we think He needs instead of asking Him what He desires- Joanna Weaver

"Only one things is needed." We must take time to sit at Jesus' feet, to worship Him, to get to know Him better. When we put that 'first thing' first He will delight to show us His will and our part in fulfilling it." -Joanna Weaver

"What's more...I might be stealing someone else's blessing if I assume I can do it all." Joanna Weaver

"I cannot do everything but I can do one thing. I cannot meet every need, but I can respond to the Holy Spirit and meet the needs He lays on my heart. I cannot carry every load but I can carry the load God has for me. For His yoke indeed is easy and His burden is truly light." -Joanna Weaver


alice in wonderland said...

Hi Ashley! I have been reading you blog for a long time now and felt the need to let you know how much this story touched me tonight. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Your girls are adorable :)

alice in wonderland said...

Hi Ashley! I have been reading you blog for a long time now and felt the need to let you know how much this story touched me tonight. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Your girls are adorable :)