Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well Checks!

 (Taken at Marmie & PapaDaddy's house)

Yesterday we went for the girls well check visits! I was PTL all day yesterday that we are all well and especially Adelyn, while she continues to have some of her allergy issues, they are really pretty mild now and I am just bursting with thankfulness!

First let me explain something, we have not been for well checks in FOREVER! We switched doctors and then were in every week for ears until tubes and then I just took a break from the doctor's office all together! Soooo, we were a little behind. It really was not that big of a deal except me fighting with myself over guilt and thinking I was a bad mom for being almost a year late on Ab's well check! I know, silly, right! Why do we do that to ourselves as moms, we are our own worst enemies! I'm so over it now, just had to explain that. 

Annabelle is one month shy of three years. weighed 29 lbs. She was around the 50th percentile for everything, a little under for weight, little skinny thing. She was 37 inches tall. Annabelle had to get one shot and the flu mist.

Adelyn is 20 months and weighed 25 pounds and was 32 inches tall. Her head circumference was 47 cm. She was around the 50th percentile as well in everything! Adelyn got 4 shots!! She was such a trooper!!

Here are the two little cuties!

(At the doctor)

Sorry I am short and sweet these days. (:

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Claire said...

Nothing wrong with short and sweet! A very cute update, I'm so glad all is well!