Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crosswalk Tutorial

My mentor, Carol Wiley showed me an amazing resource that I have to share. After stumbling my way through the explanation last night at bible study I just decided to post a tutorial.

The website is

1) So you go to 
2) type in the reference of scripture in the box beside the "go" button 
3) and then press go.
 4) Change the translation to King James Version on the top right (because that is the only version that works to find the greek and hebrew meanings of the words etc.)
6) Click on the Interlinear View (right above my mouse in the picture.)
 7) Find the word you want to know more about and click on it.
8) Have fun! Anything in blue you can click on to see more. 

I love this website. It is so fast and helpful for studying the bible!!

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633woman said...

Great resource. Thanks.

Do you ever use That's what I use most of the time because it give you access to commentaries too. You use it in a very similar way.