Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in Review/Potty/Kisses/Ice Cream & More!

We had a good week here! After Brit left on Tuesday :( I tried to stay home as much as possible to work on potty training. Annabelle does sooooo well at our house but once we leave our house she doesn't want to go.

I know this is normal and it doesn't even "bother" me, I just am not sure the best approach for her. I know she is kinda scared of big pottys and I know that will get better! Today I did take her potty to church and she went there so that was exciting!
 Adam and I laugh because the way I got her to go in the first place was telling her I was going to throw away her bathing suit if she peed in it again. haha! That girl loves her some clothes!
 The Lord decided to lead me through calm My Anxious Heart again with a friend and I am so excited about doing it again. I feel like it is one of those books I should just continuously read! Have you ever had a book like that?
We have soo many things we could do this week but I'm not sure how far to push Ab. Any advice. Would it be better to stay home and work on getting comfortable or will she "go" in strange places when she is ready? Dilemmas, dilemmas. 

Adelyn sure did have fun inside. That girl can have fun doing anything as long as her tummy is full! She is a hoot seriously!
 After we got home form the fair on Thursday night, we had these cookies from Marmie that Merm dropped off for us! How awesome is that?! They were homemade and oh so yummy! They are all gone already!
 And yesterday, after a half a week of doing so well with the potty, we took Ab to get ice cream in a cone with sprinkles (which she has never had before!) It was such a treat for everyone! This has definitely been one of those weeks where I can sit back and say, my life is not void of hardships, but I am so blessed! And I am thankful!!


Candice @ Where Nothing Good Comes Easy said...

We just recently went through potty training with our two year old so I know exactly how you feel! It took me forever to feel comfortable taking him out of the house. I make sure he goes before we leave the house and since he's afraid of big potties too, we take his little potty with us everywhere. And then I constantly ask him if he needs to go. I have found that he "holds it" longer when we're out. He's done fine so far. Just be consistent...that's the key!

Jennifer said...

I saw your tweet about that book! I am definitely going to have to get that! It looks great!

We are trying to potty train Brody, too! I feel like we fail more than we succeed!