Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cedar Point with Adelyn

 Last weekend while Annabelle was still recovering from her tube surgery and my mom could watch her, Adam and I took Adelyn to meet the group that he had led worship for all week and met them at Cedar Point.
I was not all that thrilled to go but knew it would be fun. They graciously paid for all of it and we just couldn't pass it up! I was sooooo glad that we went because Adelyn had the time of her life!! She took a little power nap on the way and then never ever stopped moving from the time we entered the doors of the park!
I cannot believe Adam talked me into riding the tallest roller coaster there! I cannot say it was the highlight of my life but it wasn't all that bad either! Sweet Sammy Nuckolls and the leader of the trip Joey watched Adelyn for me while I rode. (: They both have baby's due within the month so it was good practice for them; they really did seem like they all had a good time!
She laughed and ran and just loved the attention on only her.
 It was a super special time for us.

Adelyn loved the animals at the petting zoo and snoopy on ice. She kept pointing at snoopy and saying, "There's a pa!" She's so funny!!

What a great memory! I know Annabelle would love the kiddie rides etc at Cedar Point too. Maybe we will wait till next summer when hopefully both girls are a little bit more manageable in public. haha.

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