Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

 Can you tell I'm obsessed with Instagram editing. I love it! Anyway, today is 
1 Chronicles 16:8
Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known 
His deeds among the people!!
 Annabelle's staff infection ended up being the MRSA kind of staff which means that it is harder to treat with antibiotics. We went back to the doctor today because her sore is completely headed up and the scab even fell off but it is hard as a rock underneath the healed spot and so the doctor wants her to wait and finish her antibiotic and then see if the "rock" has gotten bigger or smaller. If it's bigger then we will go to the ER again and they will cut it open and drain it. If it's smaller, no worries. She is not contagious at all anymore (and has not been for a few days now) because her open wound is healed (unless they cut it open again and then she would be contagious.) I AM THANKFUL that Adelyn has not gotten the staff infection!!! PTL!!!!
So much more to say.......but for now......
I am thankful.....

"Consider, count, evaluate it wholly joy, a sheer gift, (BE THANKFUL!) when you are attacked or enclosed completely into a trial or you meet a trial unexpectantly, or when you fall into a test to find your true nature or allegience. Knowing, being assured, and understanding that a test to find your true nature and alliegence brings out endurance, patience, and steadfastness or the ability to stay or abide!" 
James 1:2-3

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