Friday, June 10, 2011

Marmie's Tips :)

I have been wanting to post these e-mails for a while now. I sent these to Marmie when she was watching the girls while we were in Mexico. (She raised 5 boys and is perfectly capable of taking care of the girls without any of my tips!! ha!) I am so OCD. I can't help it. It just made me feel better o write all of this out for her and I wanted to keep it here on the blog for a memory.

"Random FYIs

Ad just can't have peaches at all.

She can tolerate milk in small amounts, just not a lot of it. It should be ok if she snacks on something with milk as long as she doesn't eat a lot of it.

AB and AD have diaper rashes. The doctor gave us good insight to these. We just use the petroleum jelly and lotrimen before bed and the petroleum every time you change diapers. The medicine gives them diarrhea :(

AB will need her meds twice a day and can have tylenol if she wants it. Ab's medicine must be refrigerated. They can both have .16 of tylenol which is two syringes to .8 full

Ad's only allowed to have tylenol after her surgery.

Ad can also not get her ears wet in any way, not even in the bath, so don't worry with washing her hair just in case and I will wash ab's hair tonight so she can go as long as you would like before you have to wash it again.

If Ad gets fussy, try tylenol, then paci and blanket and if that doesn't work she's prob hungry. haha

Ab's hair gets tangled a lot. I put her best brush in the red fold out thingy and some pantene detangler. It works best for her hair. You can spray it on wet or dry and then brush.

They usually brush their teeth on the bath tub.

I put vitamins in the red bag. They get two a day.

Pacis for Ad are in the red bag too.

That's all I have for now! Thank you for appeasing my OCD

Our typical day (in our time)

wake up anywhere from 730-9

Take naps anywhere from 1-2

I let them watch one 30 minute show before they go to sleep and I remind AB over and over that after that it's nap time

After that, you can just lay AD down with a paci, sound maker on, and her blanket and she should go to sleep
She may play or even cry for a sec (up to 10 minutes) but she will go to sleep, if she cries longer than 10 minutes I go and get her

I usually do 1 of two things w AB:

1) Make her lay down on the couch and start a movie and she usually falls asleep
2) Tell her she has to go and read in her bed for a while and I go through the night time routine w her and say I love you goodnight.

bed time  9ish
I let them watch a show after baths before bed. AB knows that after 1 show she has to go to sleep.

Again, you can just kiss baby and make sure she has her paci, sound maker, and green polka dot blanket and sometimes bear and she will go down fine
Annabelle makes you sing songs to her and then we say, "Ok, what's the last song you want to sing?" and she will say "I love you" a ton of times.

You don't have to follow this. I just thought it might help you. :)"


Rachel said...

Sorry this has nothing to do with your post. But I have the same blog background as you. How did you create the banner and add the picture in the middle? I have been trying off and on for a while and I cant seem to get it my banner to work :) thanks

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

My daughter who is 8 is gone to a mission possible event at our church and it is a 48 hour event. I get to see her in 7 1/2 hours. We have had no contact with her and it is KILLING me. I am wondering if her hair is combed, if she is wearing her deodorant, brushing her teeth, wearing matching outfits, etc. Ugh. I have a little issue with control too. :)