Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visiting with Memphis Family & Friends

 We had a great time visiting with family and friends for the day and a half we were in Memphis. I always love to get together with Jess. We have similar lives and so it is always great to get to chat and an added bonus if it is in person!

 Audrey and I have kids the exact same age apart and their personalities are very similar. Also, her husband is a pastor of a church plant and so we also have lots in common!! We went to the park to play and my girls were really clingy because they hadn't seen me and Annabelle got a boo boo that she talked about for hours that day! ha! no seriously! But we did have so much fun just hanging out. I am so thankful for Jess and Audrey's friendships, even if they have to be long distance.
 We also go to see Tony, Rachel, Elizabeth, Judah, Rivers, Aunt Toni Jo, and Holly. We loved getting to hold a little baby boy! Such a new experience for us!!

My brother is soooo great with the girls. They just love him. The girls are so blessed to have so many wonderful uncles!

The girls even got to stay over at Gigi and GePaw's house a couple nights and spent lots and lots of time with them while we were in Mexico! How awesome for the girls to get to experience all that love from family! We sure do wish we got to see them more often!

There were more friends that I wish I could have seen like Mo and Bethany but what are you supposed to do with a day and a half?! I plan on going back sometime by myself because I miss Memphis and my friends and family so much (if I can get super duper brave) like maybe in September or August, idk. I'm definitely not making any plans yet.

I am always always thankful for the time we get to spend in Memphis, even if the traveling is hard to do.

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