Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vaca: Part Uno

 How do I even start to describe all the fun we had in Mexico. It's impossible! I was so incredibly tired at the start of our trip (in the picture above) because Adelyn had her tubes the morning before and then we hopped in the car and headed to Memphis. Then, the morning we flew out we woke up at 4 again. I was so not worried about it; I was just tired.

 Once we flew in to Cancun, we took a ferry to Isla Meujeres. The ferry ride was so awesome!

 Once we got there, we found out we were in the presidential suite. We had our own private pool that looked out to the ocean and a HUGE balcony and another small one. It was too amazing. Our room's shower even went out to a balcony. So neat.

 The first night we got there, roamed around a bit and then got some dinner. There really wasn't a good picture of me from that night. I was instantly hooked to this place. Look at this sunset!

 The second night, we went to this amazing Chinese restaurant that was still free with our "all inclusive" deal but you had to make a reservation. It was soooooo delish!
For dessert, we got fried ice cream. It was amazing!

My sweet friend Crystal, from this post, brought me all of her awesome vacation dresses! I love this blue one! I also loved Kimberly's dress in this picture!!

I have already decided that my next post is going to be something like top top things I enjoyed most about the trip! So much to tell!

I seriously cannot thank Sammy and Kimberly enough for their generosity and friendship. This was a trip we could have never ever taken without them graciously asking us and we seriously had the time of our lives.

We love you Sam and Kimberly. Thank you again.

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