Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quality Time

We had such a fun day today. Ab didn't even hardly rest but it was good. We had some good quality time which I loved and was very timely. She was hilarious today. She probably swept off and on for 30-45 minutes.

Tonight Adam treated us to McDonalds! It was really fun to get out and spend some time together as a family!

Also, Annabelle decided to go potty tonight!!! I am hoping she will continue this! She had decided she wanted to do it by herself so that's a good sign!! :)

Tomorrow we have a ton going on starting off with the tubes at 730 am. We have to leave our house at 6 and AD can have no food or drink until 730. Yikes!
It reminds me of when she had her swallow test and couldn't eat or drink and I was a bit worried about it and she did just fine! My plan tomorrow includes a whole lot of Dora! :)

(This was right after her ENT appointment)

I spent a long time rocking her, playing with her and singing to her tonight. It was so special for me.

(This pic taken on Sunday.)

Like I have been claiming for at least a month now, "Adelyn is fearfully and wonderfully made. God's works are wonderful I know that full well!"

Off to bed, I need some good rest tonight!!

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