Monday, May 2, 2011

I love ordinary days...

The girls were so cute on Sunday morning. I am just now able to sit Adelyn on the couch and it be somewhat safe and I love it! 
 This was the kind of morning we had. haha. I absolutely love this blue dress! I remember when Annabelle wore it and it is my favorite material, taffeta.
Another break down picture.
 When I got to Annabelle's room to drop her off, I went in to play with her and she was being so cute. I tried to get a video of her singing to the baby dolls but ti didn't work but I got this picture really fast.
 Today, we went to music class this morning. The girls had a blast!! Annabelle sang the "rolly polly" song I loved it!
 Adelyn, for real, wanted to put on this tutu and I put the headband on her. I thought she looked so pretty and when Adam came home, he said it just didn't suit her that well because she is such a tom boy. haha.
 She was so sweet today, so clingy, but so sweet.
The girls have also been watching the dogs a lot again since they have been out more.

I love it that Annabelle has on her princess outfit. She seriously wears it almost every day.
 While we were reading a book about Jesus today, Annabelle decided Mary needed some make-up. I thought it was hilarious and snapped a picture really really fast.
 Last night Adam went to Kroger to catch the last of the deals for the week before they started over this morning. I don't know what has taken over him but he is obsessed with coupons. He had never used coupons before so he wanted to try it. I was proud of him!

Tonight, we all went to Kroger because it is Mega Sale week. We were a little under prepared (or I was, Adam wasn't haha) and but we were so excited. Our bill came up to 252 but with all of our coupons and their deals etc we only paid 108. All of those hours of cutting coupons are finally really paying off! Yah!!

I did a little mini study on what "sacrifice" in the bible means today. More to come on that later....

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Olga said...

hahaha! I love it! You guys are such a cute family. love the receipt picture.